SEL-734 Revenue Meter

The SEL-734 Meter exceeds ANSI and IEC Class 0.2 accuracy with four-quadrant energy and demand metering. Advanced load profile trending compatible with MV-90, DNP3, and Modbus protocols ensures integration with practically any billing system. In addition to a full set of revenue metering features, advanced power quality monitoring will report costly system disturbances.

The capabilities of SEL meters can be enhanced with acSELerator Meter Reports Software. Meter Reports allows you to optimize your system by analyzing data, identifying usage trends, and diagnosing system problems.


Meter With Confidence—Detailed accuracy reports for SEL-734 Meters allow utilities to bypass initial accuracy testing, thereby saving considerable time. In addition, SEL guarantees that the SEL-734 meets Class 0.2 accuracy for at least ten years. If an SEL-734 Meter ever deviates outside the Class 0.2 accuracy limits, SEL will recalibrate the meter at no cost.

Monitor Peak Demand—The predictive demand function monitors accumulated demand and alarms when the demand exceeds a user-defined limit. The SEL-734 can then shut down loads or peak-shave with generation to avoid demand charges as shown to the right. The predictive demand alarm is available through Modbus, DNP3, Mirrored Bits communications, or the front-panel LEDs.

Control Distributed Generation—Use the SEL-734 to provide automatic start and remote control of distributed generation facilities. SELogic control equations support any logical or mathematical combination of measured quantities and set points to control a generator or load switch.

Simplify Industrial Metering—Support complex tariffs with a high-speed, 192-channel load profile data recorder in the SEL-734P. The SEL-734 platform measures flicker induced by electric arc furnaces and enables you to verify the effectiveness of harmonic filters on large motor drives. Waveform capture and disturbance reports simplify troubleshooting and equipment maintenance.