SEL-734T Advanced Digital Transducer

Replace monitors and transducers; monitor real-time power, energy, and power quality; and communicate these data in real-time with the new surface-mount SEL-734T Advanced Digital Transducer. Priced at just $1,144, the surface-mount transducer provides a low-cost monitoring and control solution for distribution and integrated power systems.


Voltage Sag, Swell, and Interruption (VSSI) Recording—Record VSSI disturbances, monitor harmonics to the 50th order, trend measured data, capture waveforms, measure flicker, and record sequential events.

System Disturbance Reporting—Correlate system disturbances with the VSSI recorder. The SEL-734T Advanced Digital Transceiver stores and reports residual voltage, duration, affected phases, CBEMA/ITIC reports, and time stamps for each disturbance. Applications with SCADA systems can also retrieve these data using the DNP3 protocol.

Data Monitoring and Storage—Store instantaneous and power quality data in separate records, with multiple Load Profile Data (LPD) Recorders, at a maximum update rate of once every three seconds. acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software quickly retrieves, plots, and stores these data on a laptop computer or remotely over any communications port.

Alarming—Monitor accumulated demand with the predictive demand function, and alarm when the demand exceeds a user-defined limit. The SEL-734T can then warn system operators to shut down loads or peak-shave generation.