SEL-501 Гүйдлийн ихсэлтийн хос реле

Хоёр ширхэг гүйдлийн ихсэлтийн хамгаалалтын иж бүрдэл бөгөөд хоёул 5 үндсэн реленүүдээс бүрдэнэ.



Universal Protection—Provide simple and economical protection for transformers, breakers, motors, capacitor banks, feeders, and other apparatus, with two independent three-phase overcurrent relays in a single compact package. The relay provides numerous protection schemes that are enabled by user settings.

Application Versatility—Set each side of the dual relay to correspond to a different application. For example, set one side for a feeder application and the other side for a breaker failure application.

Complete Feeder Protection—Install two SEL-501/501-2 Dual Universal Overcurrent/Dual Overcurrent Relays in two-high breaker switchgear to protect two separate feeders. This provides primary and backup protection for each feeder.

Transformer Protection—Connect one side of the dual relay to the transformer high-side CTs for transformer overload and overcurrent protection. Connect the other side of the relay to the neutral CT on the wye side of a delta-wye transformer for sensitive internal ground fault protection and backup external fault protection.