SEL-2533 Мэдээллийн төхөөрөмж

This compact, ten-window annunciator is ideal for displaying alarm conditions and notifying personnel of abnormal conditions in each individual rack, panel, generator, equipment block, power line terminal, assembly line, conveyor, or other apparatus. Communications ports on the annunciator enable many cost- and labor-saving configurations. For example, use the SEL-2533 Annunciator as a combined annunciator and field I/O module by wiring contact inputs and outputs to the SEL-2533 and then communicating digitally to a plant's distributed control system (DCS), SEL Real Time Automation Controller (RTAC), another SEL-2533 station computer, or other device. Or, order the SEL-2533 without any local I/O, and drive the annunciator inputs with information from remote devices via the communications ports.


Alarm Identification—Apply configurable labels to uniquely identify each alarm point LED. Preprinted labels (with factory default text), blank label media, and a Microsoft Word template on CD-ROM are included.

Monitoring and Control—Test and commission annunciator panels with live device status information on an acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software human-machine interface (HMI) screen. Operate and monitor the device remotely from a virtual front panel.

Custom Configuration—Create as few or as many points as needed for each application by using programmable logic. Implement multiple alarm panels for high-density alarm applications. Indicate the status of up to ten alarm points.

Digital I/O Sequential Events Recorder (SER)—Assign different element names to each defined SER point for the asserted and deasserted states. Provide a clear view of an event to operators and viewers.

Contact Follower—Provide a digital output corresponding to each digital input. Repeat the state of the input, and allow connection to a programmable logic controller (PLC), remote terminal unit (RTU), interlocking device, or other intelligent electronic device (IED).