SEL-2924 Зөөврийн цуваа BLUETOOTH хөрвүүлэгч

Carry an SEL-2924 Portable BLUETOOTH Serial Adapter in your toolbox to connect to an EIA-232 port on a relay, controller, or other device. Use the built-in BLUETOOTH wireless capability of a laptop, smartphone, or other device to communicate up to 10 meters (32 feet) via a secure wireless link.


Improve Working Conditions and Safety

  • Work in convenient, safe locations away from switchboards and panels.
  • Use a desk or workstation with power and work surfaces away from the traffic near panels during commissioning and outages.
  • Eliminate tripping hazards from cables.
  • Limit time spent in dangerous or unpleasant areas to the short-duration tasks of plugging the SEL-2924 into a field device and retrieving it when you are done.

Apply Easily With Low Impact and Cost

  • Use the BLUETOOTH wireless interface in your laptop, handheld PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Connect the SEL-2924 to an EIA-232 port on the equipment with no change to the device firmware or software.

Lock Out Intruders
Depend on security: security is always enabled with an 8- to 16-character key.