SEL-2800 Шилэн кабелийн дамжуулагч

Improve safety, signal integrity, and reliability by using optical fiber instead of wire for instrumentation, protection, automation and other applications that benefit from economical fiber-optic links up to ½ kilometer long.


Low-Cost Fiber-Optic Communication
Send serial data 500 meters using multimode optical fiber with standard V-pin connectors. Use data rates from 0-40,000 bits per second.

Easy Application
Plug transceiver/modem directly onto a standard 9-pin serial connector (DB-9). No special mounting is required. Receives power from the host device via the connector; no separate power supply or power wiring is needed. Transmits visible light (650 nm) for easy inspection. Requires no jumpers or settings.

Secure and Reliable Data Transfer
Far less susceptible to EMI/RFI than copper links.

Improved Safety
Provides improved isolation from ground potential rise and other electrical hazards compared to copper connections.