SEL-3390S8 Цуваа /RS232/ хөрвүүлэгч хавтан

The SEL-3390S8 Serial Adapter Card is a PCI Express (PCIe) expansion card that is part of the SEL dependable computation for critical infrastructure computer line. It has been designed, built, and tested for use in harsh industrial and substation environments, providing a wide operating temperature range and immunity to ESD, shock, and vibration. It can also be ordered with conformal coating for corrosion immunity. The SEL-3390S8 complies with the PCIe form-factor and can also be installed in other PCIe-compliant computers or servers.


Add up to four SEL-3390S8 PCIe x1 industrial PCIe serial cards for an additional 24 software-configurable EIA-232/-422/-485 ports with RJ45 connector format. All ports meet EIA-/TIA-562 and are capable of 300 to 921600 bps with automatic flow control. Each port can be configured to provide +5 V power for powering modems or transceivers.

Synchronize the computer system clock to a GPS time source via a demodulated IRIG-B source using Port 1 or internally jumpered from another SEL-3390S8. Provide IRIG-B output to all ports on all SEL-3390S8 Serial Adapters in the computer system.