SEL-2925 Цуваа BLUETOOTH хөрвүүлэгч

Avoid exposing personnel to hazardous conditions by enabling them to control and monitor equipment from their vehicles or other safe locations.

The SEL-2925 BLUETOOTH Serial Adapter transmits data up to 115,200 bits per second to distances of 100 meters (300 feet) in typical applications with a clear line-of-sight communications path. For even greater distances, use directional gain antennas.


Protect Personnel and Equipment

  • Keep enclosure and control house doors shut to protect equipment from weather and contaminants.
  • Use for engineering access or for point-to-point connections.
  • Communicate securely with BLUETOOTH V2.1 security, which includes SSP and ECDH key exchange.

Apply Easily With Low Impact and Cost

  • Use the BLUETOOTH wireless interface with your laptop, tablet, or Android or BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Connect the SEL-2925 to an EIA-232 port on the equipment with no change to the device firmware or software.

Lock Out Intruders

  • Locate equipment where vandals cannot reach it.
  • Keep gates and control house doors locked.
  • Depend on security: security is always enabled with an 8- to 16-character key.