SEL-C804 Олон горимт нумын хамгаалалтын шилэн кабель

Use arc-flash detection cables with SEL-751 and SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relays and SEL-710-5 Motor Protection Relays to protect people and equipment from arc-flash events.


  • Provide reliable arc-flash detection using the SEL-C804 point or fiber sensor assembly with the arc-flash input card in SEL-751, SEL-751A, and SEL-710-5 Relays.
  • Use point sensors to protect enclosed spaces, such as circuit breaker and instrument transformer compartments.
  • Use fiber sensors to protect large areas, such as bus compartments.
  • All cables are built with high-quality 1 mm diameter plastic optical fiber (POF) and can be ordered in one-meter increments.
  • Purchase unterminated cable and use simple hand tools provided in the SEL Sensor Termination Tool Kit, part number 915900146, to build fiber sensor assemblies onsite.
  • Configure arc-flash detection point sensors and fiber loop sensor cable assemblies with multiple splices or a replacement segment of an existing cable assembly.