SEL-3360 Хэвтээ хавтанд бэхлэгддэг Компьютер

The tough SEL-3360 Compact Industrial Computer is built to withstand harsh environments in utility substations, industrial control systems, and automation systems. By eliminating all moving parts (including rotating hard drives and fans) and using error-correcting code (ECC) memory technology, SEL compact industrial computers have over ten times the mean time between failures (MTBF) of typical industrial computers. Designed, manufactured, and tested to the same standards as our protective relays, every SEL-3360 comes with an unprecedented ten-year worldwide SEL warranty.


Popular models

Works well in the following applications:

  • OEM software appliance
  • Indoor kiosk or point of sale
  • Protocol conversion

Works well in the following applications:

  • Secure embedded applications
  • Rugged outdoor kiosk or point of sale
  • HMI control or engineering workstation

Works well in the following applications:

  • Synchrophasor concentrators
  • Remote outdoor gateway
  • Data aggregation or archiving

Works well in the following applications:

  • Expandable workstation
  • Virtualization server
  • Expandable protocol conversion

Kiosk Computer—Select the SEL-3360 for remote user applications that require the power of a PC. With its small footprint, the SEL-3360 packs a lot of computing power into a limited space (2.5 GHz dual-core or 2.1 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor). Passive cooling and a broad temperature range mean it is possible to install SEL computers in locations where off-the-shelf computers would not survive. With a projected MTBF of over 100 years, the SEL-3360 can operate with little or no maintenance, making it ideal for unattended operation.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Software Appliance—Whether you are currently shipping a tough appliance, thinking about deploying your software as a dedicated appliance for rugged environments, or just at the idea stage, consider reselling the SEL-3360 with a custom overlay specially crafted for your business.

Distributed Control Systems—Move your computing-intensive control applications as close to your equipment as you need. A small footprint and broad temperature range make it possible to install the SEL-3360 in locations where many computers would either not fit or not survive. Since SEL computers can be installed just about anywhere, use them to ensure local control of equipment is maintained even when communications with the master control center are lost. Remotely service units using the built-in Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) functionality.

Engineering Workstation—Meet or exceed IEEE 1613 and protective relay specifications for harsh environments with any SEL rugged computer, made to withstand vibration, electrical surges, fast transients, and extreme temperatures. Access the engineering workstation remotely and securely using Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop tunneled over IPsec or through Intel AMT with remote KVM over IP.


SEL computers are server-class computers with respect to RAS—reliability, availability, and serviceability. Industrial computer systems need to always be available and easy to service when necessary. SEL computers satisfy these server class requirements in the following ways:

Reliability—SEL designs, manufactures, and tests every highly dependable computer in-house. Our computing systems currently have a MTBF of over 100 years, ten times higher than that of the typical industrial computer. In addition, our computers are backed by our ten year, no-questions-asked warranty.

Availability—Features like Intel AMT for out-of-band remote management are designed to keep your system operational for longer periods.

Serviceability—AMT allows diagnostic logs to be viewed for evaluation and service even when the unit is powered off. Our computers also feature SEL’s unique system monitor (SysMon) with a watchdog timer. Users can reboot into another operating system (OS) for diagnostics or to batch software, and then bring the system back online, all remotely. Additionally, SEL’s SysMon logs computer events specific to the installed system to aid in faster recovery. Use AMT’s KVM-over-IP feature to get hands-on help and guidance from an expert back at the central office, which can speed up serviceability


High-Performance Computing Power—All of the SEL computers have the third-generation Intel Core i7 multicore processors, enabling 2.5 GHz (dual-core) and 2.1 GHz (quad-core) of processing power. High-speed single-level cell (SLC) solid-state drives (SSDs) in two bays, with up to 256 GB per bay, and ample system memory (4 to 16 GB of ECC memory) provide computing resources for your most demanding applications. Each computer is built to run reliably in rugged environments.

Protective Relay Standards—Install SEL rugged computers in harsh environments, including environments with temperatures ranging from –40° to +75°C (–40° to +167°F), up to 15 kV of electrostatic discharge, fast transients, radiated emissions, overcurrents, and pulsed magnetic field disturbances. All SEL computers conform to IEC 61850-3, IEEE C37.90, IEEE 1613, and IEC 60255 standards.