SEL-701 Хөдөлгүүрийн хамгаалалтын реле

SEL-701 реле нь бүрэн цогц шийдэлтэй, хямд өртөгтэй дэд станцын төхөөрөмжийн хяналт болон удирдлагын систем юм. 


Complete Motor Protection
Integrated thermal protection model (patented). Flexible protection for induction and synchronous motors.

Event Reports and Trends
Comprehensive event reports stored in nonvolatile memory: motor starts, motor start trend, load profile, SER, and full event reports.

Programmable RTDs
Field-configurable RTDs from local front-panel or communications port.

Simple Communication
Modbus communications along with ASCII/binary interface using off-the-shelf communications packages (terminal emulators).