SEL-C805 200 µm диаметртэй олон горимт нумын хамгаалалтын шилэн кабель

SEL provides 200 µm fiber-optic cable assemblies terminated with V-pin or ST connectors in customer-specified lengths.


  • Choice of cable types to match your applications:
    • Standard-duty simplex zipcord for indoor riser applications (one fiber)
    • Standard-duty duplex zipcord for indoor riser applications (two fibers)
    • Heavy-duty, PVC-jacketed round cable for greater strength and durability (two or four fibers)
    • Heavy-duty, waterblocked round cable for outdoor applications (two or four fibers)
  • Hard Clad Silica (HCS) fiber with 200 µm, low-loss silica core, clad with a high-strength polymer coating
  • V-System or ST connectors
  • Reliable connection between SEL relays and other IEDs (PLCs, RTUs, clocks, serial multiplexers, telephone switches, modems, meters, and DFRs)
  • Each cable tested by SEL
  • Operating temperature range:
    • Zipcord and Heavy-Duty PVC-Jacketed Fiber: –20° to +80°C
    • Waterblocked Heavy-Duty Jacketed 2 and 4-fiber: –40° to +80°C