SEL-2824 Олон горимтой EIA-485 бүхий шилэн кабелийн дамжуулагч

Safely add isolated segments to multidrop and point-to-point EIA-485 networks, separated by up to 4 kilometers. Improve safety, signal integrity, and reliability by using two optical fibers instead of wire to transfer bidirectional serial data.


Increases Safety
Isolates devices from ground potential rise and fault current in the communications connections by using optical fiber instead of wire.

Improves Signal Integrity
Prevents electromagnetic interference and signal ground loops by using optical connections instead of copper wires.

Withstands Harsh Conditions
Operates over –40° to +85°C temperature range and meets or surpasses electric utility and industrial type-test standards for instrumentation, control, and communications equipment.

Easily Applied
Implements fiber-optic links between two- and four-wire EIA-485 network segments. Set operating modes via control (DIP) switches. Simplifies network commissioning and repair with LED traffic indicators for each port. Connect power through terminal block or jack.