SEL-2032 Communications Processor

Suitable for use in utility substations or industrial control and automation systems, the SEL-2032 Communications Processor can replace remote terminal units and other devices with reliability and simplicity. With no extra wiring, one device provides a Sequential Events Recorder (SER), event report retrieval, and clear communication between other intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). The SEL-2032 Communications Processor’s automatic database collects, stores, and forwards meter and load profile data, event reports, and targets.


Substation Integration—Link all substation IEDs into a single, low-cost, configurable contact point for SCADA, local human-machine interface (HMI), dial-in access, dial-out notification, and overall substation integration applications. Link multiple communications processors to provide redundant communications paths when necessary

Customizable Control—Produce and forward information to perform control functions using Boolean and arithmetic operations. Reduce overall system costs and improve system reliability by reducing the number of auxiliary devices.

System Synchronization—Generate IRIG-B formatted time with the time-code input from an IRIG-B time source or with the internal clock, and redistribute it to connected IEDs. This provides a common baseline for all connected devices, allowing you to monitor your system more efficiently.

Automatic Database—Collect, store, and forward meter reports, targets, digital input status, event reports, demand meter reports, and more.