SEL-352 Таслуурын гэмтэлийн реле хамгаалалт

The SEL-352 Breaker Failure Relay provides breaker failure protection, breaker control, and breaker monitoring. Features include a cost-saving data recorder and a sophisticated breaker monitor and controller to reduce maintenance and supervise manual operations. SELogic control equations provide flexibility in applying the SEL-352 Relay for a variety of applications.


Breaker Failure Protection—Apply one SEL-352 per circuit breaker for single- or three-pole breaker failure detection. Detect failure to trip for fault or load conditions, failure to close, pole disagreement, failure while open (flashover detection), failure to trip or close due to stuck resistor switches, and loss of dielectric pressure. Overcurrent fault detection includes unique subsidence current logic to provide fast reset after the breaker opens.

Data Recording and Event Analysis—Record 10 seconds of oscillographic event reports, store up to 512 points of Sequential Events Recorder (SER) data, and monitor breaker trip and close operations, including accumulated interrupt current, and mechanical and electrical breaker operating times.

Configurable Circuit Breaker Control—Choose from five built-in schemes to cover ring-bus, breaker-and-a-half, or double-bus applications, or modify with SELogic control equations for custom applications. Sophisticated breaker control also includes Motor-Operated Disconnect (MOD) trip and power circuit breaker isolation security logic.

Point-on-Wave Opening and Closing Technology—Extend breaker life and reduce system transients and restrikes across opening and closing breaker contacts by implementing point-on-wave opening and closing technology.