SEL-2411 Программчлагдах автоматжуулалтын контроллёр

The SEL-2411 Programmable Automation Controller can be easily customized to fit your needs. Designed to withstand harsh physical and electrical environments, the SEL-2411 is built and tested to meet mission-critical IEEE and IEC protective relay standards. With flexible communications and I/O options, the SEL-2411 allows you to easily integrate with SCADA and meets your sequential events reporting, station integration, remote monitoring, ac metering, and plant control system needs. As always, the SEL-2411 is protected by SEL's no-questions-asked, worldwide, ten-year product warranty.


Trip Coil Monitoring—Assess the heath of a circuit breaker by capturing trip coil performance in real time. Record trip coil dynamics, including current, voltage, and temperature during operations, to plan preventative maintenance.

Station Control—Control plant variables and processes locally or remotely with powerful logic, flexible I/O, and deterministic communications.

Automatic Transfer Scheme—Sense voltage loss on the normal source and transfer the load to a standby source with Mirrored Bits communications over metallic or fiber-optic cable.

Local Control and System Applications—Send analog and digital input data to a central communications system, and receive and execute control commands. Deploy SELect I/O options suitable for your application needs, including digital or analog outputs, RTD, ac currents, and ac voltage inputs.

Isolation for Adverse Conditions—Protect equipment with fast analog alarms that execute every quarter cycle to detect overvoltage and undervoltage.

Transformer Monitoring and System Control—Detect transformer alarms, and monitor and control fan operation based on temperature. Send warnings to remote monitoring systems, and take protective action.

Time-Critical Applications—Optimize applications using time-deterministic, high-speed processing. Use control equations with logic, arithmetic, analog comparison, edge-trigger, and timer functions for automatic local control and to convert individual data values into actionable system information.