SEL-2595 Теле хамгаалалтын төхөөрөмж

Securely transfer contacts through a high-speed IEEE C37.94 optical-fiber interface. Use the SEL-2595 Teleprotection Terminal to send and receive up to eight relay contacts directly over a pair of optical fibers or through a digital T1 or SONET multiplexer.


Use Compliant IEEE C37.94 Standard Fiber-Optic Interface
complies with the IEEE C37.94 standard for optical connection to communications multiplexers.

Operate at High Speed
Provide a faster than 5.5 ms back-to-back operate time while occupying a single 64 kb time slot in a digital multiplexer.

Improve Security
Digital error detection provides better security than audio tone equipment.

Improve Safety
Replace control wiring to outside cabinets with fiber-optic cable to eliminate paths for dangerous voltages.

Annunciate With User-Configurable Labels
Allow clear indication of the system function and status.

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