SEL-2407 Синхрончлогдсон хиймэл дагуулын цаг

The SEL-2407 provides time display, reliability, durability and high-accuracy timing to ± 100 nanoseconds.


Low Price—Provides six demodulated IRIG-B time-code outputs. Three of the six outputs are user selectable for 1 PPS or 1 kPPS output. Includes built-in display without high-priced options.

Simple Operation—Time offsets and output formats with easy-to-operate control (DIP) switches mounted behind the front panel. Settings can be made without removing the SEL-2407 from its mounting location.

Reliable—Apply in harsh substation environments. Exceeds IEEE C37.90 and IEC 60255 protective relay standards. Universal power supply operates from 18–300 Vdc and 85–264 Vac. Provides accurate time from –40° to +80°C.

Accurate—Apply for synchrophasor, relay event correlation, and other high-accuracy timing needs. Demodulated IRIG-B outputs with ±100 ns accuracy meet requirements for existing and future timing applications.