SEL-4520 Нумын хамгаалалтын туршилтын төхөөрөмж

The SEL-4520 Arc-Flash Test Module provides a convenient way to test the operation of arc-flash detection relays installed in metal-clad and metal-enclosed switchgear. The SEL-4520 is used to test the SEL-751 and SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relays and other arc-flash detection relays that use light and overcurrent to sense an arc-flash event.

Commission Testing—Test an arc-flash detection (AFD) system using the SEL-4520. The SEL-4520 is the ideal testing tool for the commission testing of optical arc-flash protection relays. Pressing the “TST” pushbutton provides a synchronized light flash and current source to the relay under test. In an appropriately configured relay, this test will result in an arc-flash trip. The relay’s front-panel targets, SER data, and event reports can all be used to verify proper operation of the relay’s arc-flash detection elements.

Portable Testing—Think of the SEL-4520 as your “go-anywhere” arc-flash test device. The compact dimensions of the SEL-4520 make it ideally suited for portable testing. In the field, test arc-flash protection relays installed in low- and medium-voltage switchgear. At your desk, the SEL-4520 will help you verify proper operation of arc-flash trip settings.