SEL-AR-OH Агаарын шугамын гэмтэл илрүүлэгч

The AR-OH AutoRANGER is a self-adjusting fault indicator applied on overhead systems. It automatically selects a trip threshold based on the sampled load current. To become active and ready to respond to an event, the AutoRANGER must be installed on an energized line long enough to allow load current sampling and selection of a trip threshold. After an event has occurred, the AR-OH samples system conditions to determine a display notification of either a momentary or permanent event occurrence.

A momentary event is indicated by a single super bright, amber-colored flashing LED. Permanent events are indicated by two super bright red flashing LEDs. The flash duration period of both event types (momentary or permanent) can be selected to best coordinate with line crew response times. Available flash time periods are noted in the ordering table.

The AR-OH uses inrush restraint technology to prevent the AR-OH from tripping on reclosing attempts. A true timed-reset design provides protection from false trip responses resulting from backfeed currents or voltage fields generated from overbuilt/underbuilt systems. Manual LED test activation or flash clearing is accomplished using test tool CRSRTT (sold separately).


Overhead Fault Location—Apply AR360 or AR-OH Overhead AutoRANGERs across your entire overhead system as an economical means to reduce fault-finding time and improve reliability metrics. The AutoRANGER logic automatically selects the best trip threshold based on sampled load current and takes the guesswork out of coordinating with various protection schemes. The AR360’s bright LED display provides higher visibility fault indication, day or night.

Momentary Fault Detection—Improve system reliability by tracking down momentary faults before they become permanent outages. The AR360 and AR-OH are equipped with simple-to-interpret displays that provide distinct flash patterns for both permanent and self-clearing faults.

Distribution Circuits—Deploy the AR360 on distribution circuits up to 34.5 kV and the AR-OH on distribution circuits up to 69 kV.