SEL-2890 Ethernet дамжуулагч

Add Ethernet connectivity to an SEL device using its EIA-232 serial port.


Connects EIA-232 Port to 10BASE-T Ethernet Connection

Powered by 5Vdc in EIA-232 Connector

  • Receive power via a jumper in most SEL device serial ports.
  • Provide power through a SEL-C642 Cable for use with PC or other devices.

Hardened for Substation Environment

  • Trust in the same design and type testing as applied to critical protective relays.
  • Employ in environments with temperature ranges of –40° to +85°C (–40° to +185°F).

Hosts Telnet ASCII Data With Embedded Web Server

  • Access relay data with web browser software on your private network.
  • Use the included default webpage that is hosted in SEL-2890.
  • Upload, customize, and download the webpage using FTP.

Allows Setting From PC Using Terminal Emulation Software and SEL-C642 Configuration Cable

  • Configure network addressing parameters.
  • Enable/disable features.

Sends Email Automatically

  • Improve customer service by sending messages for quick notification and logging.
  • Specify address via setting.