SEL-749M Хөдөлгүүрийн реле

Get comprehensive motor protection and SEL-exclusive reporting and trending that save you money in your industrial motor plant and processes. The SEL-749M Motor Relay uses the latest enhancements in the SEL-patented thermal overload model to accurately track the heating effects of operating and cyclic overload currents. The relay offers all basic motor protection features, including short-circuit, load loss, load jam, and frequent-starting protection as well as imbalance current and phase reversal protection. Add optional voltage, I/O, and communications capabilities to build the SEL-749M that is just right for your application.


Low- and Medium-Voltage Motor Protection—Protect low- and medium-voltage induction and synchronous motors. The reliable and economical SEL-749M also protects three-phase motors, including two-speed and reduced-voltage start motors.

Extensive Communications and Software—Communicate seamlessly with built-in SEL ASCII and optional Modbus protocols. Quickly and easily set the SEL-749M with the included Microsoft Windows-based acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software. View start reports, motor trends, and real-time motor values with the complete meter and control features included in acSELerator Software.

Comprehensive Start Reports and Trends—Track motor performance during the critical starting period with complete motor start reports and 30-day average motor start trending. Only SEL offers this valuable tool for tracking motor performance.

Option Cards for Added Functionality—Customize the relay for your particular protection and control applications. Field-install option cards into the base relay to obtain voltage-based protection/control, increased digital I/O, and 4–20 mA analog output.