SEL-2488 Синхрончлогдсон хиймэл дагуулын сүлжээний цаг

The SEL-2488 receives Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) time signals and distributes precise time via multiple output protocols, including IRIG-B and the Network Time Protocol (NTP). The SEL-2488 provides Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) support as a Dual-Attached Node (DAN) device for NTP time distribution. With an optional upgrade, the SEL-2488 can serve as a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) grandmaster clock, as defined by IEEE 1588. The advanced capabilities of the SEL-2488 make it well-suited for demanding applications, like synchrophasors, and for substations with multiple time synchronization requirements.


Accurate—Synchronize with precise time accuracy to within ±40 ns to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for power protection applications. Cable delay compensation can be configured for antenna cables and output cables per port to preserve high accuracy. If a GNSS lock is temporarily lost, the standard TCXO holdover accuracy is 36 µs/day and the optional OCXO holdover accuracy is 5 μs/day.

Powerful Time Distribution—Distribute time from eight time BNC outputs and one DB-9 output, which are configurable for IRIG-B or time pulse outputs. The DB-9 port can be used with SEL-2812 Fiber-Optic Transceivers to send IRIG-B long distances over fiber-optic cable. The SEL-2488 also includes four standard Ethernet ports, which provide NTPv4. With the PTP option, the SEL-2488 will act as a PTP grandmaster clock, supporting both the default profile (IEEE 1588-2008) and power system profile (IEEE C37.238-2011). The SEL-2488 will distribute NTP and PTP to four independent networks. Ethernet ports are orderable in pairs and are available in copper as well as single- or multimode fiber.

Secure—Secure access to the SEL-2488 through X.509 certificates, user-based accounts, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication, and complex passwords. The SEL-2488 supports syslog, a standard for event record logging that integrates with existing log management systems. With satellite signal verification, the SEL-2488, when installed with a dual-constellation antenna, uses signals from two satellite constellations to validate GNSS time signals, providing a layer of protection from spoofing attacks.

Reliable—Add power source redundancy with an optional second, hot-swappable power supply. The SEL-2488 operates in a broad temperature range of –40° to +85°C (–40° to +185°F) and meets IEEE 1613 Class 1, an electric transient and interference standard for communications products in electric utility substations.

Easy to Use—Commission and manage the SEL-2488 through a secure HTTPS web interface with SkyView and acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software. The front panel of the SEL-2488 includes an LCD multi-information display plus LEDs for status and an Ethernet management port, which supports DHCP Captive Portal for simplified access to the device web interface.